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Ready to step into the next level version of yourself?

A coaching and practitioner certification specifically designed for high-achieving, driven women who are ready to claim their next level identity as a true influencer, leader + masterful coach in just 4 months.



I know you...

...because I was YOU.

Let me guess...

You are a new or established influencer, coach, thought leader, or spiritual healer that wants to take it to the next level and finally embody the magnetic and magical 7 figure brand identity so you can truly shine online.

You know that deep down you are the magnetic and masterful coach and influencer but you can’t help but fantasize about facilitating mind blowing transformations that straight up have your clients throwing their money at you for more.

You can't help but secretly roll your eyes at all the “soul aligned” coaches and “influencers” on IG who are constantly sharing about their major cash money months AND all their client's EPIC results.

You want to be known for your ability to facilitate legit orgasmic and mind-blowing change, but you currently lack the confidence and skill set to create those shifts that leave your clients begging for more.

You dream of your clients shouting about you from the rooftops and sharing their wins like...

>>>Going from inconsistent cash months to $27k in just 1 week ...

>>>Previously having a paralyzing belief that the 9-5 meant “security” to selling out multiple masterminds, celebrating $50k months and following her craving for adventure to live in a tropical location as the CEO of her life and biz...

>>>Clearing years of childhood trauma and healing a wounded throat chakra in just a 60-minute session and now filming her first music video…

You’re feeling frustrated because you have invested in allll the coaches, healers and gurus to create your brilliant strategy and business plan buttttt you can’t seem to uncover the blocks that have been leading to taking zero action which makes you feel totally confused because allll you want to do is completely and fully embrace your power as an entrepreneur so WTF is going on?

You’re feeling defeated because you’ve invested so much time and energy learning Facebook ads, funnels, automations from all the gurus to get your business making money while you sleep… butttt you didn't get those million dollar results and the 10k followers like you were promised… #lame

All the evidence shows that you're doing it buttt you can't help but feel frantic like you're burning the candle at both ends... because let's be honest, your biz is more of an obligation at this point. You can't help but think "why the F did I literally pour my blood sweat and tears into this?!"... You didn't start the "soul aligned" biz to feel burnt out, frazzled, fat and sexually frustrated #burnout


What would it feel like if... were completely obsessed with every single part of your life? I’m talking life beyond your wildest dreams obsessed... living your next level swoon worthy life that has you pinching yourself every damn day?

I’m talking about a life where...

You feel literally turned on by the work you’re doing all the freaking time… fully immersing yourself in every facet of your life and your business...

You know without a doubt that you’re living your most aligned and authentic self… embracing your next level with open arms

You magnetize all the cash money that you desire which allows you to live that unapologetically decadent life (manifesting $10k, $50k, $100k+ months!)...

You have an addictively passionate and intimate relationship with someone who adores every unique part of you...

You feel so fully connected with your body and you truly embrace your divine feminine + sexy body...

*You have soul sisters who support fully support you and fuel your soul. These souls were put on this earth as your twin flames… what was life like before you had these soul sisters?



Note from Amanda:

Hey girl heyyyyy! OH EM GEEEEE I am so freaking excited and honored that you are exploring the unlimited possibilities of becoming an Internationally Recognized and Board Certified Success Coach and NLP + EFT + Hypnosis Practitioner. 

I am so excited for you to see how transformational this experience is and I know you are going to feel so freaking good about choosing to enroll in The Sparkle System for your next level transformational journey.

The experience is absolutely life changing and it’s a level of deep inner work that goes way beyond just a normal "certification" or "training".

You're so ready to finally experience MORE and I am so beyond excited to guide you as you discover + intimately get to know the most dazzling and sparkling version of you!  

The curriculum has been created to help you personally experience your own transformational journey in the process and to empower you to feel absolute and total confidence when you facilitate these same incredible results for your clients.

The Sparkle System follows the guidelines and standards for more than one internationally recognized board accreditation and goes above and beyond what is “required” to become a board certified coach. 

The Sparkle System includes extensive and powerful personal development utilizing the tools that you are becoming a master at, mindset and business coaching, accountability, money mindset, group coaching and personal support, as well as the training in 5 internationally recognized modalities so that you are equipped with everything you need to transform your life and your business in one stop. 

The curriculum

The 5 Modalities That You will master

Life and Success Coaching

So here’s the thing… most NLP certifications barely touch the magic of powerful Life + Success Coaching tools!

In this experience, we go DEEP and cover high-level coaching techniques that you’ll use to get clients the GALACTIC results they hired you for to begin with. You’ll easily and effortlessly move them through and past resistance and take powerful and elicit questioning to a whole new level.

Coaching is a multi-BILLION dollar industry, so you want to put yourself up there with the absolute best...and become the BEST.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP’s been known as one of the quickest and most effective ways to create measurable results for decades.

The techniques, principles, and practices behind NLP bring a new level of depth to working with both the conscious and unconscious, helping people remove their worst and most deeply rooted self-imposed limitations . Imagine removing years of unconscious programming, and facilitating results that allow your clients to take responsibility for their outcomes.

I facilitate NLP on myself every single day (because let’s be honest… as we evolve new self-imposed limits pop up) BUT there’s nothing more empowering than knowing that you are always at CHOICE in your life… YOU get to choose your outcome and results… and NLP will not only deliver this for you, but will completely transform your clients who hire you as well!

By the time you’re done with this certification, you’ll be ready to use all NLP Practitioner level tools at the one on one level, group programming, AND of course on yourself.

T.I.M.E. Techniques™

T.I.M.E. techniques have the power to instantly heal and eliminate blocks, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, phobias, and self-sabotaging patterns. And they’re OUT OF THIS WORLD for installing goals into both your and your clients’ futures easily and effortlessly.

I recently worked with a new coach who was STRUGGLING to bring in business for months. The same day as facilitating T.I.M.E. techniques, my client hit her 2 month goal in ONE HOUR. She was able to step into her 2.0 identity and show up in a way she never had before. She was drawing on resources that were outside of the box and brought them into her Zone of Magic and put them into her reality instantly.

This is the result she got from just a 20-minute technique!

Clinical Hypnotherapy

You will learn techniques for hypnotizing people using progressive-relaxation, metaphors and conversational hypnotic language patterns.

Through hypnosis, you’ll easily work with their subconscious to eliminate unwanted habits, unhealthy ways of being, and some of their most detrimental, self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs.  

Hypnosis is extremely powerful and transformational. With this new expertise, you will stand out and serve your clients in ways that have them hooked!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT, also known as tapping, really has to be experienced to understand the magic. It’s designed to balance the energy system of the body, eliminating negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging patterns.

This is one of my secret tools to success and I teach you exactly what I do every single day that took my business from $0 to multiple six figures in under a year.

Based on the same scientific principles as acupuncture, yoga, and ancient Chinese energy healing, it can be done anytime and any place without equipment. All you need to release negative emotions and beliefs that have been holding you back for years is your hands! (PS this isn’t just energy healing… the use of this amazing technique actually alters your neural-pathways and reduces stress!)



You will master the tools that you are learning and integrate them into your life so you are a true embodiment of what you are practicing. Hello manifestation!

Do you have questions? Ask us anything by emailing us at

In this unique certification experience you will reach a new level of inner + outer confidence and mastery. You will master a unique blend of science, energetics, physics, money mindset, business strategy, and so much more. 

It’s everything you need to create real transformative change while traveling through this enchanting hybrid group & 1:1 experience.

I am so excited to teach you what has allowed me and my clients to 2x, 5x, and 10x income goals while becoming more productive, motivated, confident and visible – all by integrating everything seamlessly into their lives and businesses for new level results!




Work through self study video training + attend weekly embodiment calls (live or watch the replay)


Attend the live interactive 6-day training on zoom or in person


Practice the techniques and submit your tests (they're open book!) during the training


you're a certified Sparkle System™ Coach!!



apply now!

When you enroll in the Certification you will get immediate access to:

1:1 Guidance to experience your own personal transformation as you go through the experience. Be coached and you start your business and receive highly individualized support and guidance through your journey

Access in-depth video trainings and “Star Guides” to help you deepen and master your practice. The Star Guides are in-depth self discovery assignments throughout the program allowing you to access the inner sparkle and experience your own personal transformation and evolution

Attend Live Curriculum Trainings to get all your questions answered about the lessons and materials we’ve covered so that you can become a true master

Join Live Business Strategy Calls to learn how to set up the foundations of your business, receive expert feedback on your offers, marketing, and client attraction, as well as experience shifts and receive support as you navigate the your mind, body, and spiritual odyssey

Experience Live Embodiment + Mastery Calls to practice, facilitate and master the techniques as well as receive deep healing and coaching with the other students (this is also a great opportunity to gather testimonials!)

Attend Live Abundance Activation Calls and receive Deep Money Mindset Reprogramming and zone in on a specific story and dive deep in becoming more productive, motivated, confident and visible in your business... activate your next level money goals and experience next level success

Connect with industry leaders on our Guest Calls who specialize in specific areas of expertise (think: accounting, sales, legalities of the biz, new-age, astrology, identity, etc.) to expand and deepen the work we’re doing inside of this transformational odyssey

Transform your life inside at the virtual + in-person experiences, these experiences will allow you to feel incredibly supported, explore your spirituality, become a true master and truly shine from the inside out

Complete “Social Media Star Guides” to help you implement the techniques, tools, and strategies you’re learning into your everyday life + business and share on social media. This will also help you come up with content creation to share with your community and allow for more engagement.

Engage in our Private Facebook community for support, celebrations, accountability, and feedback

Dive into our extensive Resource Library with access to literally every kind of biz strategy you can think of, hands-on exercises, eft scripts, meditations, and various practices you can use with your clients

Make Magic with Your Sparkle System Star Guide — an in-depth manual documenting all of the major processes and techniques so you can easily refer to them. You will also receive a 300+ page anthology of all the course work


Industry Leading Guest Experts for live trainings

Shannon Lutz, Social Bungalow

Celinne DaCosta

Jamie Joslin King

Amber Lee Lyons

Lauren Eliz Love

Madison Tinder



Can I do this entirely online + still be certified?

We’ve designed this training so you can become Certified in NLP, EFT Life and Success Coaching, Hypnosis and TIME Techniques™ from anywhere in the world and at your own pace. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a message from the Inner Beauty Bybel - Sparkle Success Team where you can CLICK to say you’re taking the training completely online at your own pace or if you plan to attend the interactive training. Once you sign up you get INSTANT access to all of the content you need to get fully certified + start transforming your life now. 

Can I do this entirely online + still be certified?

We’ve designed this training so you can become Certified in NLP, EFT Life and Success Coaching, Hypnosis and TIME Techniques™ from anywhere in the world and at your own pace. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a message from the Inner Beauty Bybel - Sparkle Success Team where you can CLICK to say you’re taking the training completely online at your own pace or if you plan to attend the interactive training. Once you sign up you get INSTANT access to all of the content you need to get fully certified + start transforming your life now. 

I am soooo ready to enroll! Now what?

As soon as you enroll for The Sparkle System, you’ll get INSTANT access to the online member portal that is FILLED with the life changing trainings, bonus personal development courses, money mindset, business coaching, hypnosis audios, and so many incredible things to help you create the most dazzling life of your dreams. You’ll get an email with your log in deets (make sure to check your inbox and be sure save us to SAFE so you receive all of our updates). You’ll also receive access to our private Facebook community with Sparkle Success Coaches who are here to guide you and support you, other coaches, healers, leaders, and influencers who you can gain support from, become accountability partners with, and form life long sisterhood with. You’ll get access to the interactive Google Calendar with weekly group coaching calls on Zoom with Amanda to support you as you go deeper + master these powerful techniques, build your dream life + business, magnetize abundance and learn incredible manifestation tools.

I reallllllly want to make this work but I am super busy... what do I do?

Girlfriend! If you're busy then this is perfect for you... especiallllyyyy if you’re trying to grow your business in the most aligned way. This content is designed to go at your own pace + if you choose to finish quickly you totally can in as little as a few weeks... you can also take as long as you like if you are balancing other things in life. When you enroll you receive INSTANT access to our highly sought after personal development + mindset program that dives deep into productivity, momentum, balance, and visibility. Because you receive support in all aspects of the business + training enrolling in a program is actually going to cut your time of trying to figure it all out on your own. Best of all, you get lifetime access to the content, plenty of online support available across every single time zone, you can watch and rewatch as many times as you need and you're included in the sparkle sisterhood forever!

I've never had a coaching business or any business for that matter, is this for me?

This experience has been designed for personal development junkies, coaches and business owners at ALL levels. We assume that even if you've been coaching for years now, you will be new to a lot of the material we're teaching so we start with the basics + the foundations. Mastery of the basics creates that freaking next level transformation that you're craving. The tools, techniques, practices, and magic taught inside of The Sparkle System are incredibly powerful and whether you are an emerging or existing coach you can expect to experience next level results.

Are payment plans available?

Of course! We want to make sure that this is accessible as possible for anyone who is a hell to the freaking yes and has a deep desire to learn + embody + master this work... and completely transform their lives... I mean obbvvvvi right???

 Click the button below to be taken to the application page to apply and if you're a fit, we can share more details about our payment options!